WATERBALANCING is intended as a holistic method of relaxation, harmonization and vitalization.

As a key experience, it often brings about a lasting improvement in people's ability to meet personal challenges. Relaxation of body and mind, feelings of contentment and bliss arise, new dimensions of awareness are opened. In that respect, WATERBALANClNG is especially helpful as an aid to situation analysis, to reflecting on your own personaIity and your own development wishes.

WATERBALANCING helps you to recognize and overcome limitations and barriers, to find your own personal vision and supports creative individual renewal and self-realization. It is also an ideal way of promoting perceptiveness, sensitivity, communication and cooperation in teams. Therefore WATERBALANCING is also suitable for management training.
As can be seen from the experiences made so far, WATERBALANCING also supports and enhances treatment of various illnesses, or prevents these illnesses, in particular:
  • diseases of the motor apparatus (rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis...)
  • neurologiscal diseases (multiple sclerosis, apoplexy, hemiplegia...)
  • psychosomatic diseases (bulimia and anorexia, tinnitus, migraine, insomnia...)
  • traumas resulting from accidents
If you want to know more about the healing effects of WATERBALANCING on particular diseases, please feel free to contact us to get more information. We will be happy to provide you with information without any obligation on your part.

At any rate, your initial WATERBALANCING session is preceded by detailed preliminary counseling.
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