Unlike classical Eastern(e.g. Qigong, Tai-Ji-Quan or Yoga) or second-generation methods of relaxation (e.g. autogenic training), WATERBALANCING does not require any effort on your part. All you need do is enter the pool, let yourself be held and supported by the water and close your eyes.
We differ from classical forms of therapy in our holistic approach. We do not regard individual symptoms (e.g. tensions) as a simple nuisance that we try to get rid of or "massage away" as quickly as possible. Rather, most of these pains are protective reflexes or postures adopted as counter-reaction against overstrain, excessive demands or shocks. We try to make our clients realize that they do not need to hold on to these protective postures.
We can support this process of realization through light massages, but above all through passive movements and allowing the warm water to do the work.

Why is WATERBALANCING so suited for this form of creating awareness?

Just try to imagine a dolphin suffering from tensions in arms and shoulders (anatomically arms and shoulders are similar to a dolphin's flippers).
This is hard to imagine because water is a medium in which the effects of the gravitational field are hardly perceptible and there is a kind of weightlessness. Aquatics do not need to care about the laws of gravitation. They float in the water like the astronaut, who is no longer tied to the Earth, in space.
It is this fundamental feeling of lightness and freedom that WATERBALANCING clients experience.

Suddenly it is possible to view things, even difficult situations, from a different, more or less autonomous angle.
In contrast to the usual experience that the rhythm of life is not geared to you, you suddenly feel centered and 'at the hub' of your world.
You take this awareness into your everyday life.
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