"'WATERBALANCING' is the magic word. A new kind of therapy. Like a little baby you are being rocked to and fro, massaged, stroked, you hear the chant of humpback whales and dolphins - this is relaxation in its purest form". (Für Sie, Nr.21, 09/23/98)

"This feeling of weightlessness is almous intoxicating [...] relaxation and enjoyment all over."
(freundin, 4/98)

"The Aqua-Institut in the Marc Aurel offers yet a greater thrill: WATERBALANCING. By means of specific massage movements and motions in the water the body is helped to undreamed-of freedom of movement and finally to a total balance."
(Handelsblatt, Nr.14, 02/15/97)

"Stress reduction and complete relaxation of body and mind"
(Top hotel, 11/1995)

"Something you simply have to experience. WATERBALANCING is an ideal way to end a course of anti-stress training. The feeling of contentment and balance was with me for days."
(Manager-Seminare, 21/1995)

"WATERBALANCING is a vital experience of weightlessness which reveals the depth of relaxation of which we are capable."
(fit for fun, 10/1995)

"Tension very quickly starts to ease and well-being is experienced. The nicest form of anti-stress therapy."
(VITAL special issue "Gesund und Fit", 10/1995)

"Gentle music, time fades, I am completely weightless. When I open my eyes I feel simply happy."
(marie claire, 5/1995)

"WATERBALANCING works to relieve emotional stress and restore one's energy levels."
(Health Watch Canada, Spring 1995)

"WATERBALANCING in water to the sound of gentle music allows a depth of relaxation not possible in any other medium."
(L'Europeo, ltaly, 10/05/1994)
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