Phase 3: WATER DEEP BALANCING (ca hour)

You are now ready for the most intensive phase of WATERBALANCING.
As relaxation deepens, you sink down completely into the water. You experience feelings of deep-seated trust, weightlessness of body and soul, new dimensions of awareness. The meaning of up and down, inside and outside, right and wrong becomes relative. The rhythms of everyday life and familiar patterns no longer apply. Your mind becomes receptive to new experiences.
You experience a new dimension of movement in harmony with the rhythm of your breath.
As relaxation deepens, you sink down completely under the water. Breathing becomes deep and regular. You experience long-forgotten feelings of carefreeness, lightness and intensity. After leaving the water and passing through a "grounding phase", most people's spontaneous reaction is that they feel "newborn". You are now full of strength and energy, in touch with a new dimension of being that can transform everyday life.
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